Phil Wallace is well known for his blistering forehand topspins and today he lived up to those expectations lifting the Irish Masters Gold.

Phil had a group of death with Brian Devereaux and Daniel Molzenberger. Phil lost Lost 3-2 to Daniel and went to beat Brian 3-1 to progress to the last 16.

In the last 16 Phil defeated Kevin Mackey 3-0 in a quality performance. The quarter finals certainly were not as plain sailing however as Phil seen himself down 3 match points against John Bowe. Phil fought hard and sent a few trademark forehands Bowe’s direction and eventually went on to clinch the match!

Phil now full of confidence, went on to beat Rory Scott 3-0 in semi and set up a re-match with Daniel Molzenberger in the Final. This time around Phil managed to overcome Daniel in an epic match to win 3-2 and clinched the Irish Masters! Well done Phil fantastic result.

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