Ormeau Table Tennis

In 2013, brothers Keith and Gervis Knox decided to pursue their passion for table tennis and founded the Ormeau Table Tennis Club. 


Starting as a pilot in the Ormeau Park in partnership with Belfast City Council, Keith started the first junior session with just 5/6 kids in the small 3 table hall in the centre of Ormeau Park. The club quickly expanded, offering sessions for juniors, seniors, and local charities. 


By 2017, the club had outgrown their venue in Ormeau and decided to move to their own full-time venue at the Mount in East Belfast. 


Now boasting 150 members, the Ormeau Table Tennis Club has produced some of the best players in Ireland, such as Owen Cathcart (World No.22, 3 time world tour winner and now professional in Sweden) and Sophie Earley (World No.7, 3 times European Bronze Medalist & now selected to play for GB). 


The club works hard to maintain the correct balance between performance and participation. They are dedicated to creating a safe and friendly atmosphere that allows everyone from beginners to professionals to enjoy the sport of table tennis. 


The Ormeau Table Tennis Club is a testament to the hard work, dedication and passion for Table Tennis. It’s a place for people of all ages and abilities to come and enjoy the sport, and it’s proof that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible.

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113 The Mount Belfast

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