Congratulations to this month’s Division 3&4 combined winner young Toby Caldwell. Toby took out Peifeng in the semis winning 3-0 and went on to win the final over John Close 3-0. John won his semi-final over Rebecca Scott 3-0. A great match between Peifeng and Rebecca in the 3/4th showdown and this time it went Peifengs way winning 3-1.

Well done everyone and thanks to Conor for running the event!

  1. Toby Caldwell
  2. John Close
  3. Peifeng Li
  4. Rebecca Scott
  5. Christopher Allsop
  6. George Hood
  7. Joseph Rainey
  8. Fash Marsani
  9. Brian Heading
  10. Omar Reyal
  11. Deirdre Seaby
  12. Paul Ellis

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